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Time:2021-05-13 15:31:58

Usually, the radiator has been used for a long time, and the radiator is not hot, water leakage and other problems frequently occur. In order to make our own radiator use longer and heat dissipation more stable, we usually need to maintain and maintain the radiator.

1. The use of valves. During the water test, make sure that the inlet valve and the return valve are open. The handle of the old valve and the pipe are in the open state. The round valve only needs to be rotated in the direction indicated by the arrow;

2. The use of temperature control valve. The manual temperature control valve needs to be manually turned counterclockwise to open, and clockwise to close the valve. The automatic temperature control valve needs to adjust the indoor temperature and check whether the valve status on the LCD screen is open;

3. The use of air release valve. First, you need to prepare a flat-blade screwdriver, a plastic basin, and a towel; find the air release valve. There is a small hole on the valve that is the air nozzle. Place the water container under the radiator and put the towel on the side against the wall to prevent water from spraying. On the wall; then, gently loosen the bleed valve (usually use a screwdriver to turn the screw on the bleed valve about 1/4 turn counterclockwise), and stop twisting the bleed valve immediately after hearing the sound of gas being discharged , Let the gas be exhausted until the water flows out, and then close the bleed valve;

4. Remind everyone that someone at home must be on duty during the water test to avoid unnecessary losses.



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